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Mt Eliza 2016 has been an amazing Camp Awakenings, with new activities, new speakers and a new Rotary Club...

Like many Rotary Clubs, Aspendale has struggled to remain viable, despite the enthusiasm of the remaining members. Earlier this year, they made the decision, reluctantly, to hand back their charter.

What does this mean for Camp Awakenings Mt Eliza?
In a nutshell: It keeps on getting better.



Aspendale has always had close ties with the Rotary Club of Chelsea, and we have always been keen supporters of the camp. The members of Aspendale will transfer to Chelsea, and Camp Awakenings will become a project of the Rotary Club of Chelsea.
Chelsea have always been an active, strong club, and our involvement and fresh ideas can only be a good thing. The existing Camp Committee members from Aspendale will continue in their current roles, bringing their experience and expertise with them.

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