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10320C Chelsea Kingston Lockup

Is a lack of mobility seriously reducing your quality of life?
Do you struggle to do the shopping or visit your friends because you can no longer drive a car or walk to the shops?
Have you considered a Mobility Scooter, but thought they were beyond your means?

10320Q Scooter 03The Rotary Club of Chelsea, in partnership with the City of Kingston are excited to announce a new project to address this situation.
With a grant from the City of Kingston and support from local businesses, a number of high-quality mobility scooters are being offered as a package to local residents in need. The scooters are leased at a nominal rate, paid by CentrePay, that is intended to make the scheme self-funding.

Residents will be selected by the City of Kingston, based on a number of criteria - mainly to those suffering restriction in movement as a result of illness, advancing age or disability, who are financially unable to purchase a scooter. Recipients will be monitored to ensure their continued ability to operate the scooters safely.

Each Package includes:

  • High Quality Mobility Scooter
  • Scheduled Maintenance by Goodyear Chelsea
  • Insurance
  • Personal Support by Chelsea Rotary Members

For more information, contact your doctor, or Kevin Harrison 0407 772 225